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Daniel Motz

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Artwork IS his passion.  

You can tell it from every stroke, every vibrant color.  His paintings express energy.

Born in Romania, now an American citizen, Daniel is an accomplished artist in paintings, engravings and collages.  Daniel's artwork has appeared in many "one-man" art exhibitions since 1977 in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Munich, Paris, and Arad, Romania.

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Links Daniel Motz Photography

Sports Shooter (Photography)

Bill Lowe Gallery
1555 Peachtree St. NE
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30309

Resumé Born 1954, Arad, Romania
Emigrated to US in 1978
US citizen in 1985
M.F.A. in Film & Television, UCLA 1992
B.F.A. in Motion Picture/Television UCLA 1984

Exhibitions Global Art Gallery, Atlanta, May-June 2004
East-West Gallery, New York, Feb 2002
The Braily Building, Pasadena 1986
Neiman-Marcus Atlanta, Jan 2002
L.A. Nicola, Los Angeles, May 1986
Fowler Galleries, Atlanta, March-April 1996
L’Ecume, Paris, Sep 1985
Schatten Gallery, Atlanta, Oct-Nov 1993
ANAIS Gallery, Munich, Mar 1985
EZTV, Los Angeles, July 1991
Artcore Gallery, L.A., June 1983
Studio, Sherman Oaks, CA, May-July 1991
SHOFA Gallery, L.A., Mar-Apr 1983
Kerckoff Art Gallery, L.A., Apr 1991
Stages Theater (with Eugene Ionesco)83
ANAIS Gallery, Munich Oct 1987
L’atelier ’74, Paris, 1981
I.S.C. Art Gallery, UCLA, L.A., Feb 1987
Atelier 16, Arad, Romania, Oct-Dec 1977

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